Our goal at BCC Logistics is to free you to focus on your core business by helping you manage the distribution of your products in shorter lead time and at a lower cost.

We understand your business logistics services and can provide domestic trucking services tailored to your specific logistical and budget needs.

Not only do we ship anything around the world, but also we can handle the domestic shipping and local distribution of your products throughout Beirut, outside Beirut and the remote areas.


  • All types and sizes of trucks and vans
  • Refrigerated transports
  • No weekend restrictions
  • Domestics distribution network
  • Truck charter

  • Pay only for the services and the space you use
  • Shorter lead times to final destination
  • Real time reports
  • KPI exceeding your needs
Key Facts

  • Ease of scaling
  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Experience and expertise
  • Access to solutions
  • Low capital expenditures

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