Due to the complicated customs regulations, a leading brokerage company should be aware of customs rules, having good connections with customs authorities; and a consultant and solution provider for importers.

As a customs broker, BCC helps importers process declarations’ shipments through customs. We prepare required documentations, calculate duties and other taxes on behalf of the importer, arrange for inspections required by governmental agencies, and arrange for delivery.

We also make sure that our professional team coordinates simultaneously with our clients, to provide instant clearance that will facilities all shipments with the minimal time needed.


  • Wide experience in customs brokerage in all industries (Healthcare, Telecom, Technology, Home appliances, Fashion, Industrial & Construction Equipment,…)
  • Provides special approvals for temporary import process
  • Special team for handling, loading, offloading & positioning of imported goods
  • Highly trained & efficient team for handling private & public projects (water purification systems, waste management, dam construction, electricity power stations,…)
  • Provider of necessary equipment (forklifts, cranes, loaders, or any other similar heavy duty machines,…)

  • Offers and helps importers process declaration shipments throughout customs
  • Coordinating with both agents and clients to provide complete documents in order to avoid delays, complications upon clearance
  • Providing a smooth and fast service to reflect a decrease in costs, public & airline storage fees
  • In house customs brokers to reflect a high level of coordination and security
  • Ability to settle the customs duties, taxes and any other involved charges on behalf of the importer
  • Time saving, sharing fast communication between customs broker and supporting customer service team
Key Facts

  • Full customer service support
  • Highly skilled employees
  • Availibility of insured and refrigerated trucks
  • International customs clearance rules and laws
  • Competitive rates
  • Tariff and costing concession
  • Custom documentation

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